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Research Grants

2021-2024: Horizon 2020: Integrating Risk Perception and Action to enhance Civil Protection-Citizen interaction (RiskPACC), Co-I/UK-PI

2020-2021: ESRC National Productivity Innovation Fund/Impact Acceleration Account, Accelerating Business Collaboration in the Midlands, Co-PI

2019-2022: UKRI Collective Fund, Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) “URBE Latam: Understanding Risks and Enhancing Capabilities in Latin American Cities” with UFRJ/Brazil and Univ. de Antioquia/Colombia, Co-I.

2020-2023: Norway Research Council -LAW22JULY: RIPPLES (Rights, institutions, procedures, participation, litigation: embedding security), Co-I

2019-2020: Nuffield Foundation, A social and data science approach to enhancing societal security, Co-I

2019-2020: ESRC National Productivity Innovation Fund, PI

2017-2024: ESRC Midlands Graduate School, PI/Director (from 2019)

2013-2022: ESRC Warwick Doctoral Training Centre, PI/Director (from 2019)

2018-2019: São Paulo Research Foundation – FAPESP-Warwick research fund, UK-Brazil collaboration for investigating the nexus between water, health and urban resilience, Co-I

2018-2021: Belmont forum (including, ESRC, GCRF, EU H2020) Waterproofing Data: engaging stakeholders in the sustainable governance of flood risks for urban resilience, Co-I

 2018: ESRC Impact Acceleration Account and Global Challenges Research Fund seed funding, Urban violence and climate change adaptation, Co-I

2016-2019: NERC (CENTA) Doctoral Studentship: Impact and Value of geo-resources underneath cities for resilient urban design, PI

2016-2019: British Geological Survey Studentship awards for urban resilience against hazards and geo-resources (x2), PI

2016-2018: RCUK with Innovate UK, Urban Living partnership: From Citizen to Co-innovator, from City Council to Facilitator: Integrating Urban Systems to Provide Better Outcomes for People (BOP), Co-I

2016-2018: Horizon 2020: The emerging role of new social media in enhancing public security (MEDI@4SEC), Coordinator/ PI

2015: Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC): Urban Living: spaces, inhabitants, and analytics, Global Challenges Exploration grant, Co-I

2015-2018: Horizon 2020: Realising European ReSiliencE for CritIcaL INfraStructure (RESILENS), UK PI

2014-2022: EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Urban Science and Progress, Co-I

2013-2016: EUFP7: A Holistic Approach to Resilience and Systematic Actions to Make Large Scale Urban Built Infrastructure Secure (HARMONISE) UK PI

2013-2015: ESRC/AHRC: ‘Science and Security: Research Impact and Co-Production of Knowledge’ PI

2013-18: EPSRC (with ESRC): - i-BUILD: Infrastructure Business models, valuation and Innovation for Local Delivery, Co-I

2012-13: ESRC/JSPS: Planning Responses to ‘Shock’ and ‘Slow-Burn’ Events: the Role of Redundancy in Regional Resilience, Co-I

2011-2015: EUFP7: Designing Safer Urban Spaces (DESURBS), UK PI

2010-2012: Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure: Embedding and evaluating a physical resilience decision support framework tool, Co-I

2010-2012: EPSRC Cross Disciplinary Feasibility Account - Resilience through innovation: critical local transport and utility infrastructure, Co-I

2011: AHRC (Connected Communities programme): Resilient, mutual self-help in cities of growing diversity, Co-I

2009-2011: ESRC Designing out Fatness: The Built Environment in Anti-Obesity Policy, Co-I

2010: Homes and Communities Agency, Collective Memory, PI

2007-10: EPSRC/ESRC/AHRC with Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure – Resilient Design (RE-DESIGN) for counter-terrorism: Decision support for designing effective and acceptable resilient places, PI

2007-10: ESRC New Security Challenges programme - The Urban environment: Mirror and mediator of radicalisation, Co-I,

2007: DTI/DUIS- Foresight: Sustainable Energy Management and the Built Environment Project (Uncertainty, risk and the evolution of the built environment), PI

2005-2007 – ESRC - New Security Challenges programme - The Everyday resilience of the City - how provincial cities respond to threat, PI