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Prospective Postgraduate Modules 23/24

Our postgraduate courses allow you to customise your degree depending on your interests and career goals. Please see a full list of typical topics that are covered on our postgraduate courses. Please note that module availability will vary depending upon staff availability.

Module code Module title
PO901 Theories and Issues in International Development
PO9A4 Normative Analysis
PO920 International Relations of the Asia-Pacific
PO926 Theories and Issues in International Relations
PO942 International Political Economy
PO9E1 The EU in International Affairs: Concepts and Themes
PO9D2 The EU as an International Actor: Engaging with the Neighbourhood
PO962 Europe and the World
PO966 Concepts and Theories of International Security
PO977 Theories and Traditions in Public Policy
PO979 United States Security Policy
PO980 United States Foreign Policy
PO983 United States Foreign Policy and National Security
PO91Q Fundamentals of Quantitative Research Methods
PO92Q Advanced Quantitative Research
PO978 The CIA and Covert Action
PO994 Democratic Design
PO9B4 East Asian Development: National and Regional Perspectives
PO9B5 East Asian Development Policies
PO9C2 Issues and Actors in Global Economic Governance
PO9C6 Global Justice and Future Generations
PO9B2 Critical Issues in the Politics of Global Finance
PO9D4 The Politics of International Trade: National, Regional, and Global Perspectives
PO9D9 Transitional Justice and International Development
PO909 Justice and Equality
PO9C8 The Global Politics of Nuclear Weapons
PO9B6 Economic Cultures and Global Flows: Rethinking International Political Economy
PO9B8 Governing Islamic Economies
PO9E5 Diasporas and States in World Politics
PO9E6 Cyber-security: War, Spies, Crime and Protest on the Internet
PO9E8 Religion in Global Politics
PO943 PAIS PGT Dissertation
PO9E3 PAIS Double Masters Dissertation