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Seminars 06-07

Programme for Autumn Term 2006-7 (Rm S1.50)

11th October: A discussion of Christine Sypnowich, 'Begging', in The Egalitarian Conscience: Essays in Honour of G. A. Cohen, ed. Sypnowich (OUP, 2006). (B0.06)

18th October: A discussion of Lawrence Becker, 'Reciprocity, Justice, and Disability', Ethics, 116 (2005), 9-39. (B0.06)

25th October: A discussion of Steven Smith, 'The Social Construction of Talent: A Defence of Justice as Reciprocity', Journal of Political Philosophy, 9 (2001), 19-37. (B0.06)

1st November: A discussion of Elizabeth Brake, 'Rawls and Feminism: What Should Feminists Make of Liberal Neutrality?', Journal of Moral Philosophy, 1 (2004), 293-309. (S1.50)

8th November: Daniel Star (CAPPE, ANU), 'Epistemic Responsibility, Epistemic Authority and Reasonable Disagreements'. (Rm. S1.50)

15th November: Catriona McKinnon (Politics and International Relations, Reading), 'Corrective Justice, Just Savings and Climate Change'. (Rm. S1.50)

22nd November: Michael Otsuka (Philosophy, UCL), 'Moral Luck Egalitarianism'. (Rm S1.50)

29th November: Jonathan Seglow (Politics and International Relations, Royal Holloway), 'Associative Duties and Global Justice'. (S1.50)

6th December: Gustaf Arrhenius (Visiting Senior Research Fellow, Philosophy, Oxford), 'The Boundary Problem in Democratic Theory'. (S1.50)


Programme for Spring Term 2006-7 (Rm S1.50)

10th January: Victor Tadros (Law, Warwick), 'The Wrong of Rape as the Wrongs of Rapes'.

17th January: A discussion of Dan McDermott, 'Fair-Play Obligations', Political Studies, 52 (2004), 216-32.

24th January: Alan Cromartie (Politics and International Relations, Reading), 'Thomas Hobbes: The Moral Argument'.

31st January: A discussion of Andrea Sangiovanni, 'Global Justice, Reciprocity, and the State', Philosophy and Public Affairs, 35 (2007), 3-39.

21st February: Andres Moles (PAIS, Warwick), 'Content-Based Regulation on Speech and Liberal Neutrality'.

28th February: Robert Fine (Sociology, Warwick), 'Crimes Against Humanity: Law and Politics in the Work of Hannah Arendt'.

14th March: A discussion of G. A. Cohen, 'Casting the First Stone: Who Can, and Who Can't, Condemn the Terrorists?'


Programme for Summer Term 2006-7 (Rm S1.50)

25th April: Serena Olsaretti (Philosophy, Cambridge), 'The Price of Parenthood'.

2nd May: Stuart White (Politics and International Relations, Oxford), 'What (if Anything) is Wrong with Inheritance Tax?'.

9th May: Daniel Priel (Law, Yale), 'Forty Years On'.

10th May (10.30am-Noon): David Bilchitz (Witwatersrand, South Africa) will join us to discuss his new book, Poverty and Fundamental Rights: The Justification and Enforcement of Socio-Economic Rights (Oxford University Press, 2007).

16th May: Bill O'Brian (Law, Warwick), 'Distributive Justice and the Harm Principle'.