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Seminars 08-09

Autumn Term 

8th October: A discussion of Joshua Cohen and Charles Sabel, 'Global Democracy', NYU Journal of International Law and Politics, 37, 763-797.

15th October (room change: B0.06): Katrin Flikschuh (LSE), 'Right, Reason, and Revolution: Kant and Locke'.

22nd October: Goran Duus-Otterstrom: 'Fallibility and Retributivism'.

29th October: Fabienne Peter, 'Global Justice and Legitimacy'.

5th November: no meeting.

12th November: Matthew Rendall (Nottingham), 'Non-Identity, Equity and Exploitation'.

19th November: Ben Colburn (Cambridge), 'Anti-Perfectionisms and Autonomy'.

26th November: Ed Page, 'Cashing In on Carbon'.


Spring Term

7th January: Kai Spiekermann, 'A Clear Conscience on the Cheap: Offsets, the Undemandingness Problem and Motivational Robustness'.

14th January: Rita Floyd, 'Evaluating Environmental Security'.

21st January: Victor Tadros, 'Wrongdoing and Motivation'

28th January: Andrew Walton, 'Justice, Authority and the World Order'

4th February: Simon Caney (Oxford), 'Justice and the Distribution of Greenhouse Gas Emissions'.

11th February: Axel Gosseries (Louvain-la-Neuve), 'Climatic Justice: Some Puzzling Issues

18th February: Merten Reglitz, 'De Relative Transnational Detrimental Inequalities Matter'.

25th February: Kimberley Brownlee (Manchester), 'Investigative Freedom and Universal Access to Information'.

4th March: David Rodin (Oxford), 'War, Proportionality and Double Effect'.

11th March: Andrew Williams, 'Daniels on Justice, Health, and Aging'.


Summer Term

22nd April: Dean Machin, 'Experts, Cognitive Diversity and An Alternative to Democracy'.

29th April: Phil Cook & Conrad Heilmann (LSE), 'Self-Censorship'

6th May: Octavio Ferraz, 'Two Conceptions of Social Rights'.

13th May: Keith Hyams (Exeter), 'Luck Egalitarianism as a Theory of Freedom, Not Equality'.