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CELPA Seminars 2009-2010

Spring Term

19th January: Goran Duus-Osserstrom (University of Gothenburg), ‘Freedom and Will and the Value of Choice’.

26th January: Dean Machin, ‘Liberal Statism, International Governmental Organizations, and the Scope of People’s Duties of Justice’.

2nd February: Fabienne Peter, ‘Human Rights, Legitimacy, and the Right to Political Participation’.

9th February: Tony Cole, ‘Authority and Contemporary International Arbitration’.

23rd February: Robert Fine, ‘Political Argument and the Legitimacy of International Law: A Case of Distorted Modernisation’.

9th March: Tom Porter (University of Manchester), 'Preference Satisfaction as a Political Conception'.

16th March: Zofia Stemplowska (University of Reading), 'On the Real World Duties Imposed on Us by Human Rights'.


Summer Term

27th April: Rowan Cruft (University of Stirling), 'On the Non-Instrumental Value of Basic Rights'.

4th May: Ken Baynes (Syracuse), 'Deliberative Democracy and Public Reason'.

11th May: Seth Lazar (University of Oxford), 'Scepticism about the Eliminative/Manipulative Agency Distinction'.