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Seminars 2010-2011

Autumn Term

12th October: Liam Shields, ‘The Role of Sufficiency in Distributive Ethics’.

19th October: Victor Tadros, ‘Should We Save the Useful’.

26th October: Zofia Stemplowska, 'Responsibility for Refugees: A Duty to Do More Than One's Fair Share?'

2nd November: Thom Brooks (Newcastle), 'Retribution and Capital Punishment'.

23rd November: Andrew Walton (UCL), 'The Fair Trade Convention'.

30th November: John Snape, ‘Diamonds and Jute: Grotius, Smith and the Cosmopolitan Ethos of International Taxation’.

7th December: Sarah Fine (Cambridge), 'Territory, Property, and Jurisdiction'.

Spring Term

18th January: Patrick Tomlin (Oxford), 'Should Kids Pay Their Own Way?'.

25th January: Dean Machin, 'Political Equality and Plural Voting'.

1st February: Tim Fowler, 'The Status of Child Citizens'.

8th February: Ben Saunders (Stirling), 'Animals and World Ownership'.

22nd February: Chris Bertram (Bristol), 'Justice and Property: On the Institutional Thesis Concerning Property'.

1st March: Dean Machin, 'International Institutions, State Primacy and the Problems of the Global Order'.

8th March: Cecile Fabre (Oxford), 'Humanitarian Intervention'.

15th March: Clare Heyward, 'Common But Differentiated Responsibilities for Climate Change: How to Distinguish Them and How to Distribute Them'.

Summer Term

3rd May: Lea Ypi (Oxford), 'A Permissive Theory of Territorial Rights'.

17th May: Saul Smilansky (Haifa), 'Why Moral Paradoxes Matter? “Teflon Immorality” and the Perversity of Life'..