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CELPA Seminars 2013-2014

Autumn Term

1st October: Seth Lazar (ANU), 'Recklessness, Negligence, and the Principle of Distinction'.

8th October: Chris Armstrong (Southampton), 'Sharing the Costs of Rainforest Protection'.

15th October: James Dempsey (PAIS), 'The Morality of Organisational Culture'.

22nd October: Linda Barclay (Monash), 'Why Racial Discrimination is a Human Rights Violation: A Membership Account'.

29th October: Laura Valentini (LSE), 'Samaritan Justice'.

12th November: Tom Sorell (PAIS), 'Responsibility in the Financial Crisis'.

19th November: David Owens (Reading), 'Illiberal Tolerance'.

26th November: Zsuzsanna Chappell, 'Deliberative Arts: Accommodating the Language of Art in a Theory of Deliberative Democracy'.

3rd December: Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen (Aarhus), 'A Philosophical Boxing Match? Luck Egalitarians vs. Relational Egalitarians'.

Spring Term

14th January: Tom Parr (PAIS), 'On the Unfairness of Innocently Benefiting from Injustice'.

21st January: Fabian Schuppert (Queens, Belfast), 'Analysing Social Equality'.

28th January: Kai Spiekermann (LSE), 'Reversal of Fortunes'.

4th February: Chiara Cordelli (Exeter), 'Justice as Fairness and Relational Resources'.

18th February: Jeff McMahan (Rutgers), 'Proportionality in Defense Against Inflictors of [Many] Small Harms'.

25th February: Mark Philp (History, Warwick), 'Age Old Justice'.

4th March: Chris Woodard (Nottingham), 'Welfare Subjectivism, Valuing, and Desire'.

11th March: Luis Cabrera (Birmingham), 'Diversity and Cosmopolitan Democracy: Accommodating Challenges from Below'.

Summer Term

29th April: Ian Carter (Pavia), 'Basic Equality and the Value of Distributive Equality' (with Olof Page).

6th May: David Lefkowitz (Richmond), 'Autonomy, Residence, and Return'.

13th May (B0.06): Rob Sparrow (Monash), 'Imposing Genetic Diversity'.

15th May: Public lecture by Alon Harel (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

16th May: Workshop on Alon Harel’s book, Why Law Matters

20th May: Adam Slavny and Tom Parr (Warwick), 'Discrimination and the Relevance of Reasons'.

28th May: David Schmitz (Arizona), 'What Teachers Owe Students'.