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CELPA Seminars 2014-15

7th October: Christopher Bennett (Sheffield), 'How Should We Think About the Authority of the Criminal Law?'

14th October: Alexa Zellentin (UCD), 'Outcome Responsibility as a Third Option between Moral and Causal Responsibility'

21st October: Jeremy Williams (Birmingham), 'War and Global Public Reason'

28th October: Miriam Ronzoni (Manchester), 'Justice Beyond Borders'

11th November: Brad Hooker (Reading), 'On de Lazari-Radek and Singer'

18th November: Emily McTernan (UCL), 'How to be a Responsibility-Sensitive Egalitarian'

25th November: Ingmar Persson (Gothenburg), 'Asymmetry'

2nd December: Jeffrey Howard (Essex), 'Punishment as Moral Fortification'

6th January: Michael Otsuka (LSE), 'Against the No Difference View'

13th January: Antony Hatzistavrou (Hull), 'Legitimate Authority and Second-Order Reasons'

20th January: Katerina Hadjimatheou (Warwick), 'Criminal Labelling, Punishment, and Prevention'

27th January: Alex Voorhoeve (LSE), 'Priority or Equality for Possible People?'

3rd February: Attila Mraz (CEU), 'The Insufficient Knowledge Assumption and Democratic Representation'

17th February: Helen McCabe (Warwick), 'J. S. Mill's Socialism: A Conceptual Re-Consideration'

24th February: Adam Swift (Warwick) 'Justice, Legitimacy, Democracy' (co-authored with Zosia Stemplowska)

3rd March: Clare Heyward (Warwick), 'Can Climate Change Cause Cultural Injustice? Introducing the Constitutive Account'

10th March: Emanuela Ceva (Pavia), 'Rescuing Democracy from Reductivism'

13th March: Mitch Berman (Pennsylvania), 'Desert Luck'

21st April: Meira Levinson (Harvard), 'The Ethics of Grading as a Social Practice'

28th April: David Axelsen (LSE), 'Activist Political Philosophy'

5th May: Danielle Zwartheod (UCL), 'What's Wrong with Plastic Trees and Singing Electronic Birds?''

7th May: Kit Wellman (WUSTL), 'Occupancy Rights'

12th May: Paul Bou-Habib (Essex), 'Historical Emissions and Present Duties'

19th May: Jimmy Lenman (Sheffield), 'Wallace on Affirmation and Regret'

26th May: Catriona McKinnon (Reading), 'Risking Extinction: An International Crime?'

2nd June: Daniel Halliday (Melbourne), 'How to Regulate Inherited Wealth'

16th June: Richard Arneson (UCSD), 'BOL! Defending the Bare Objective List Account of Well-being'

17th June: Colin Macleod (UVic), 'Equality of Opportunity and the Consequences of Choice'