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CELPA Seminar

The CELPA seminar is open to academic staff, PhD students interested in normative matters, and students on the MA in Political and Legal Theory. There are no presentations in the CELPA seminars. A paper is pre-circulated a few days in advance and the seminar involves a discussion with the author. We meet on Tuesdays at 2-3.30pm, normally in S1.50.

If you would like to come to these seminars please contact Adam Slavny (a dot slavny at warwick dot ac dot uk), who will add your name to the distribution list.


CELPA Seminars 2016-17

Autumn Term

11th October: Paul Billingham (Oxford), 'Enforcing Social Norms: The Morality of Public Shaming'

18th October: Adina Preda (Limerick), 'Equality, Opportunity, and Time'

25th October: John Tillson (Warwick), 'When to Teach for Belief: A Tempered Defence of the Epistemic Criterion'

1st November: Gideon Elford (Oxford), 'Relational Equality and Distribution'

15th November: Alice Pinheiro Walla (Bayreuth), 'The Intuition Behind the Idea of Welfare Rights'

22th November: Jess Begon (Oxford), 'What's Wrong With Risk?'

29th November: Prince Saprai (UCL), 'The Difficulty of Coherence and the Search for Fields of Law'

6th December: Murali Anantharaman (Warwick), 'The Public Justification Principle and Reasonableness'

Spring Term

10th January: Tom Dougherty (Cambridge), 'Authorisation, Expression and Consent'

17th January: Hugh Lazenby (Glasgow), 'Permissible Secrets'

24th January: Chris Mills (Warwick), 'Can Perfectionism be Restricted to Children?'

31st January: James Edwards (Oxford), 'Criminalisation Without Punishment' CANCELLED

7th February: Felix Pinkert (Warwick), 'Why Collective Consequentialism does not Succeed in avoiding the Demandingness Objection'

21st February: Lea Ypi (LSE), 'Real Realism about Migration'

28th February: Tim Fowler (Bristol), 'The Road not Taken: On the Conditions of Cross-World Identity'

7th March: Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen (Aarhus), 'Respect and Discrimination'

14th March: Annabelle Lever (Geneva), 'Towards a Democracy-Centred Ethics'

Summer Term

25th April: Amanda Greene (UCL) 'The Logic of Legitimacy'

2nd May: Elinor Mason (Edinburgh) 'Taking Responsibility for Negligence'

9th May: Hwa Young Kim (Warwick) 'The Scope of Two Distinctive Commitments of Practice-Dependency'

16th May: Tom Hurka (Toronto) 'More Seriously Wrong, More Importantly Right'

30th May: Bob Simpson (Monash)

6th June: Anne Schwenkenbecher (Murdoch)

20th June: Saba Bazargan-Forward (UCSD), Helen Frowe (Stockholm) and Victor Tadros (Warwick)

27th June: George Sher (Rice)