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Seminars 11-12

Autumn Term

11th October: Bill O’Brian (Warwick, Law), 'Harm, Sovereignty and Freedom'.

18th October: Martin O’Neill (York), 'Equality of Opportunity, Self-Respect and the Division of Labour'.

25th October: Victor Tadros (Warwick, Law), 'The Pre-emption Problem'.

1st November: Liam Shields (Warwick, IAS), 'How Bad Can a Good Enough Parent Be?'.

15th November: Massimo Renzo (York), 'Fairness, Self-Deception and Political Obligation'

22nd November: Lukas Meyer (Graz), 'Individual Expectations and Climate Justice' (with Pranay Sanklecha)

29th November: Richard Child (Cambridge), 'The Problem of Global Justice and the Dual-Component Model Solution'

6th December: Matt Matravers (York), 'Legal Moralism and Political Neutrality'

Spring Term

10th January: Terry MacDonald (Monash), 'Disembodied Demoi and Bodies Politic: Global Political Agency and the Democratic Boundary Problem'

17th January: Rebecca Reilly-Cooper (Oxford), 'Emotions and Public Reason'

24th January: Avia Pasternak (Essex), 'Voluntary and Intentional Benefit from Injustice'

31st January: Tim Fowler (Warwick, PAIS), 'What We Owe Our Children: On the Legitimate Role of Perfectionism in Upbringing'

7th February: Mark Reiff (Manchester), 'How to be a Malthusian Liberal'

21st February: Tim Mulgan (St. Andrews), 'What Rawls Could Have Said About Climate Change'

28th February: Bill O’Brian (Warwick, Law), 'Political Obligation and Fairness'

6th March: Dan Butt (Bristol), 'Can We Inherit Rights to Compensation?'

13th March: David Coady (Tasmania), 'Rumour, Conspiracy Theory, and Propaganda'

Summer Term

24th April: Fabienne Peter (Warwick, Philosophy), 'Epistemic Foundations of Political Liberalism'

1st May: Jon Quong (Manchester), 'What is the Point of Public Reason?'

8th May: Miranda Fricker (Birkbeck), 'Epistemic Justice as a Condition of Political Freedom'

28th June: Soren Flinch Midtgaard (Aarhus), 'Paternalism and Prostitution' (in S1.14)