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Seminars 12-13

Autumn Term

9th October: Adam Slavny (Law, Warwick), 'Towards a Complex Counterfactual Theory of Harm'

16th October: Carla Bagnoli (Modena), 'Responsibility, Failure and Punishment: A Constructivist Approach'

23rd October: Tony Coady (Melbourne), 'For God's Sake: Reflections on the Role of Religion in Politics'

30th October: Victor Tadros (Law, Warwick), 'The Unimportance of Closeness'

13th November: Tim Fowler (PAIS, Warwick), 'Political Liberalism, Science and the Asymmetry Objection: The Case of Intelligent Design'

20th November: Robin Douglass (KCL), 'What's Wrong with Inequality? A Rousseuian Perspective'

27th November: Gerald Lang (Leeds), 'Good Luck, Bad Luck and Moral Luck'

4th December: Andrew Mason (PAIS, Warwick), 'Citizenship Tests: Can They Be a Just Compromise?'

Spring Term

8th January: Simon Caney (Oxford), 'Global Justice and the Right of Necessity'

15th January: Chandran Kukathas (LSE), 'Liberty and the Challenge of Diversity'

22nd January: Kimberley Brownlee (Law, Warwick), 'Interactive Rights and Associative Rights'

5th February: Jules Holroyd (Nottingham), 'Arguments from Punitive Justice to Distributive Justice'

19th February: Christian Schemmel (Frankfurt), 'Self-Respect, Justice, and Equality'

26th February: Mike Saward (PAIS, Warwick), ‘Shape-Shifting Representation’

5th March: Cheyney Ryan (Oregon/Oxford), 'The Promiscuous Right of Self-Defense: A Critique of Just War Theory'

12th March: John Horton (Keele), 'Is There a Distinctively Associative Account of Political Obligation?' (with Ryan Windeknecht)

Summer Term

23rd April: Hallie Liberto (Connecticut) 'What Isn't Ours to Promise.'

30th April: David Birks (Oxford), 'How Wrong is Paternalism?'

7th May: Helen Frowe (Kent), 'Liability and Necessity'