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CSGR Lunchtime Roundtable on Small States in Regional/Global Governance

Thursday, 14 October 2021, 12.30-1.30pm via MS Teams

There are many critical perspectives from which to examine small states in regional or global governance, beyond merely trying to define what constitutes a “small” state (economy, geography or population). There are possibly 50 countries considered “small states” by institutions such as the World Bank and the Commonwealth (which both include some larger countries sharing similar challenges). However, is the analysis of small states in regional or global governance limited to their challenges or vulnerabilities, or are there lessons to be learned from the way these states participate in the global arena, or in regional groupings, either in relation to larger states, or among themselves? Are there differences in these relationships particular to certain regions or spheres of activity? Join PAIS researchers André Broome, Safiya Ali and Tom Long, who will share insights from their research.

CSGR lunchtime roundtables are informal get-togethers, with 2-3 speakers taking no more than 10 minutes each to talk about their research, before opening it to a wider discussion. The roundtables are primarily targeted at PAIS researchers, although occasionally researchers from other departments/units may be invited. Please email to register - PAIS researchers, please just use the link that will be circulated in the week 1 departmental newsletter.