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- Nick Sitter, CEU, talks to Norwegian state television NRK 1 news on:

1) The conflict between the Hungarian government and the EU is linked both to economic policy and political concentration of power;
2) polls show that although 1/10 Hungarians support Jobbik and 2/10 support Fidesz, the remaining 7/10 don't; and while Jobbik might burn the EU flag, the mainstream opposition actually waved EU flags on the January 2nd demonstration;
3) the government faces a choice between a deal with the EU and deepening economic (and political) crisis.

- Nick Sitter publishes article on the political and economic crisis in Hungary in Norwegian daily 'Verdens Gang' - article is available only in Norwegian

- Nick Sitter discusses EU-Hungary Relations on Radio Nova (Oslo)

- Absolute Power? Hungary Twenty Years after the Fall of Communism - Nick Sitter writes

- The Hungarian Party System in 2010: More Polarized, less Plural - Nick Sitter discusses