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GR:EEN in the News

Articles published in the media

In addition, please see articles published in The Big View

Europe: A Global Force to be Reckoned With?  An interview with Prof. Stuart Croft 

Europe’s challenge is to shake-off inertia before it becomes paralysis - Richard Youngs, FRIDE, writes in Europe's World

The Death of Bin Laden: Implications for Europe - Stuart Croft and Oz Hassan write in Europe's World

The Upgrade of the EU in the UN and the Changing Nature of Multilateralism- Luk Van Langenhove writes in Europe's World.

Italian Business Faces Lose-Lose Situation in Libya - Arturo Varvelli, ISPI, interview in The New York Times

The Libyan Crisis Seen from European Capitals - Arturo Varvelli, ISPI, writes in Brookings


Greece drags Europe to the crossroads- Mark Beeson, UWA, writes in The Age

The Euro Crisis: Solidarity and Integration or Implosion in the Euro Zone? George Christou, published on the Warwick Knowledge Centre 

(Audio clip) Greeks On A Teetering Greece - Vivien Schmidt talks on National Public Radio, United States of America (Vivien's appearance begins at 33:54 min) 

(PDF Document) US Focus on Asia will affect the EU- Fraser Cameron op-ed in New Europe

American Democracy Promotion and the Arab Spring- Oz Hassan, published on the Warwick Knowledge Centre

(PDF Document) Cluttered view from summit- Diane Stone and Mark Beeson write in Australian Financial Review

Chinese boom could bust- Mark Beeson writes in The Australian


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