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Why Russia and China are united by more than pipeline politics- Shaun Breslin, EurActive

Bridging the divide: the importance of impact - Megan Dee writes for Politics@Warwick

Europe: A Global Force to be Reckoned With? An interview with Prof. Stuart Croft

The Death of Bin Laden: Implications for Europe - Stuart Croft and Oz Hassan write in Europe's World

Anders Breivik and the Threat to Europe- Stuart Croft, Warwick

The Euro Crisis: Solidarity and Integration or Implosion in the Euro Zone? George Christou, published on the Warwick Knowledge Centre and The Big View

American Democracy Promotion and the Arab Spring- Oz Hassan, published on the Warwick Knowledge Centre

Challenging Times for Europe as a Global Actor: The Normative Assumptions and Applied Practices of the EU in a ‘Multi-polar’ World - Richard Higgott, The Big View

The Arab Spring: US Policy and Lessons for Europe- Oz Hassan, GR:EEN Policy Brief

GR:EEN covered by SCOOP News Alert - The GR:EEN project has recently been interviewed by SCOOP, an FP7 project which 'seeks to support the efforts of the research community to reach policy makers and facilitate the flow of information from the research community to other interested audiences, thereby supporting evidence-based policy making'.

Shaun Breslin on China's banking sector, Chatham House