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Calls for Papers

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This comic strip was generated at Used by permission of author and site creator Bill Zimmerman

Open calls for papers

Sorry, there are no current calls for papers

Previous, closed calls

  • WORKSHOP ON MULTIPOLAR LEARNING, Copenhagen, August 22-23 2013
  • GEM PhD School- open to new applications. Deadline 20th December 2012.
    'Financial Stability and Energy Security in the Americas and Europe: The Role of Transnational Policy Networks', WP3 workshop organised by UNU-CRIS and Boston Uniersity, February 14-15 2013
  • GR:EEN PhD Summer School, 20-24 August 2012, hosted by Fudan University, Shanghai, P.R. China, organised by ULB
  • Case Study Integrity Forum on 'European Public Policy and Governance', 18-19 October 2012, hosted by CEU, Budapest - ONLY OPEN TO GR:EEN CONSORTIUM COLLEAGUES
  • ‘The EU and Asian Transnational Policy Networks’, hosted by Peking University in collaboration with UNU-CRIS, Beijing, September 24-25 2012
    Call for Participants- 'The EU: a Legitimate & Efficient Institutionalized Global
  • Actor in the Making? EU in International Organisations Across Time: Structure, Commitment and Consistency, 18th & 19th of June 2012 GR:EEN Milestone 2.3.2
  • 'Regional Leadership and Norms: EU and Asia-Pacific Trajectories', hosted by The University of Western Australia in collaboration with UNU-CRIS, Perth, August 2-4 2012- ONLY OPEN TO GR:EEN CONSORTIUM COLLEAGUES
  • 'Networked Learning in Transnational Governance', the second GR:EEN annual conference, hosted by The University of Warwick, 8-9 November 2012
  • 'Regional Governance and Global Crises', hosted by The University of Warwick in collaboration with UNU-CRIS, 18-19th June 2012
  • 'Quantitative Indicators of European Power' and 'Indicators of Regional Influence', UNU-CRIS and ULB, 26-27th March 2012
  • 'Speaking Europe Abroad: Institutional Cooperation and the Making of EU's Discourse', ULB, Brussels 14-15th February 2012
  • 'The Nature of the EU as a Global Actor: After Lisbon and After (?) the Financial Crisis', the first GR:EEN annual conference, hosted by ISPI, Milan 13-14 February 2012