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GR:EEN Working Paper Series

22. (PDF Document) T. Haastrup, The Interregional Dimension of Gender Equality: An Overview of EU-Africa Relations (April 2012)

21. (PDF Document) K. Kausch, Islamist-led Foreign Policy (March 2012) Deliverable under D4.1

20. (PDF Document) S. Roy, Financial Crises: Historical Challenges (March 2012)

19. (PDF Document) M. Telo, Politics and Markets (January 2012)

18. (PDF Document) H. Dieter & R. Higgott, The Case for Divergence in the Governance of the Global Economy: Sovereign Rules for Finance, Global Rules for Trade (January 2012)

17. (PDF Document) E. Lopez Lucia, A tool for security governance: how is the EU fostering and shaping ECOWAS security and defense regionalization process? (January 2012)

16. (PDF Document) O. Hassan, American Democracy Promotion and the Arab Spring (December 2011)

15. (PDF Document) J-F Morin & A. Orsini, Linking regime complexity to policy coherency : The case of genetic resources (26 September 2011)

14. (PDF Document) B. Paudyn, Performing the Politics of Creditworthiness: The Uncertainty of Rating European Sovereign Debt (26 September 2011)

13. (PDF Document) O. Parker, Roma and the Politics of EU Citizenship in France: Everyday Security and Resistance (14 September 2011)

12. (PDF Document) M. Telò, State and Multilateralism: Past, Present and Future (9 September 2011)

11. (PDF Document) Qu, B, European Parliament's New Powers and the Implications for China (9 September 2011)

10. (PDF Document) J. Brassett, B. Richardson & W. Smith, Experiments in Global Governance (5 September 2011)

9. (PDF Document) C. Sabel & J. Zeitlin, Experimentalist Governance (5 September 2011)

8. (PDF Document) J. Buller & N. Lindstrom, Hedging its Bets: The UK and the Politics of European Financial Services Regulation (22 August 2011)

7. (PDF Document) D. Stone, Transfer and Translation of Policy (22 August 2011)

6. (PDF Document) T. Haastrup, Assessing Regional Diffusion from Brussels to Addis Ababa: The Limits of Modelling and Mentoring (26 July 2011)

5. (PDF Document) M. Beeson, M. Soko & Wang, Y, Resource politics and diplomacy beyond the European Union: China, Australia and South Africa (05 July 2011)

4. (PDF Document) O. Parker, The Limits of a Deliberative Cosmopolitanism: The Case of ‘New Governance’ in the EU (04 July 2011)

3. (PDF Document) C. Sabel & J. Zeitlin, Experimentalism in Transnational Governance: Emergent Pathways and Diffusion Mechanisms (04 July 2011)

2. (PDF Document) C. Overdevest & J. Zeitlin, Assembling an Experimentalist Regime: EU FLEGT and Transnational Governance Interactions in the Forest Sector (29 June 2011)

1. (PDF Document) B. Paudyn, A Public European Union Credit Rating Agency: The Politics of Creditworthiness and European Sovereign Debt (29 June 2011, updated version added 26 July 2011)

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