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Civil Society and Democracy in the Global Economy


Drawing on his seven years of research on IMF relations with civil society associations, including in particular a 2002 study commissioned by the North-South Institute, the Fund approached Jan Aart Scholte in January 2003 to prepare its first-ever official policy document on the subject. Scholte designed and executed a global formulation process involving all relevant departments of the IMF as well as a wide variety of civil society groups. He presented a draft ‘IMF Guide for Relations with Civil Society Organizations’ to the Executive Directors of the Fund in early May and submitted the final version in early July. The Guide covers the nature of civil society, IMF aims in engaging with civil society groups, general principles of engagement, nitty-gritty issues of process, and handling challenges to constructive effect.


Scholte, Jan Aart, ‘IMF Guide for Staff Relations with Civil Society Associations’, July 2003; revised official version posted on the IMF website.