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#Everyday there is Malak

#Everyday there is Malak

Cyberfeminisms in Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Yemen

Key contacts: Dr Balsam Mustafa

Funding: Leverhulme, Early Career Fellowship

Start date: 01.11.2021

End date: 30.09.2024

Project overview

Women activists in the Arab region have greatly increased their on-line activism in the last few years, leading to viral campaigns to promote women's rights. This project will be the first interdisciplinary study to assess cyberfeminist networks in three Arab countries: Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Conceptualising cyberfeminists as embodied activists who negotiate on-line and off-line challenges, the project will break new ground by examining the impact of gender, religion, ethnicity and class, in addition to country-specific context, upon women’s ability to mobilise for social change. The project will provide novel insights into local and regional battles for women’s rights.