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Professor Nick Vaughan-Williams gives keynote lecture at University of Jyvaskyla


On 27 November 2018 Professor Nick Vaughan-Williams delivered the keynote lecture at the 'Crises Redefined' workshop at the University of Jyvaskyla, Finland. The lecture, entitled '"Taking Back Control" in an Age of Walling: Crisis, the Desire for Borders, and Everyday Immunization', presented the findings of the Leverhulme 'Border Narratives' project and was discussed by Dr Tuija Saresma. 'Crises Redefined: Historical Continuity and Societal Change' is a four-year profiling area funded by the Academy of Finland and Prof Vaughan-Williams is a member of its international scientific advisory board.

Tue 27 November 2018, 20:59

New research article published in European Journal of International Security


A new full-length research article by Georg Lofflmann and Nick Vaughan-Williams has been published online by the European Journal of International Security (EJIS) - a new journal supported by the British International Studies Association (BISA) and published by Cambridge University Press.

The article, entitled 'Vernacular imaginaries of European border security among citizens: From walls to information management', is based on two years of underpinning research into how diverse publics construct the so-called "migration crisis", conceptualise border security, and narrate their own identity in relation to it.

The online first version of the article can be accessed here.

Wed 15 August 2018, 17:50

'Border Narratives' featured in 2017 Leverhulme Trust Annual Review


The 2017 Leverhulme Trust Annual Review features the 'Border Narratives' project and an interview with Professor Nick Vaughan-Williams (see p.78).

Sun 29 July 2018, 14:05

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