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Everyday in Lockdown

The Warwick University Interdisciplinary Research Centre for International Development has recently launched an international photography project. The project is called Everyday in Lockdown. As the world goes through lockdown there are myriad stories of how peoples' lives have changed during this period. It is this shift that we wish to record through photographs. If people from every walk of life were to record their everyday lives under lock down we would be able to share the constraints of this period and to analyse its differential effects across countries, genders and class boundaries. We hope to bring out a book with these photographs and to have an online exhibition.

 Photo by Ashok Adepal from Pexels Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Where to send the photos details?

The photos and consent can be sent to us via email or by WhatsApp -+447377235057 

Who can get involved?

We welcome involvement from anyone and everyone above the age of 18. We welcome the involvement of individuals and organisations as our goal is to highlight the different lived experiences across economic, social and cultural backgrounds and the parity in lockdown experiences across geographical lines.

As an organisation, we recognise that experiences and interpretations of lockdown have been diverse, ranging from curfews to total shuts. This range and response is what we need your help to capture!

What would it take if you got involved?

Our goal in this project is to capture the essence of the shifts in everyday life through pictures. Thus, embodying the proverb, "a picture is worth a thousand words!"

If you were to take part, we would like you to photograph aspects of your life that have changed since lockdown, such as:

  • How your everyday life looks now under lockdown?
  • How your family members spend the day now if you are unable to go out to school and work?
  • How the children and elders are dealing with this lockdown?
  • How your neighbours and community have responded to this lockdown?
  Photo by Ministero Difesa
What will we do with the pictures?

Once we have your photographs and consent, we will then:

  • Edit and share these through Twitter, Facebook with all our participants and a wider audience to, develop a global conversation on the everyday during coronavirus times;
  • Publish it as a small book once we are able to.
  • Have an electronic exhibition in our research centre (WICID) website.
Current Reach?

We have received interest from partners and individuals in Kenya, India and Pakistan. However, for this project to be representative and create a global conversation we need your help and your involvement.

How do I take Part?

Taking part is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Read and understand the ethics and Consent Form.
  2. Sign the consent form
  3. Get snapping!

Once you've done this please send it back to us.

NB. Consent: By sending the photos to us along with a signed consent form or audio message of consent, you will consent to us using them in the way described above (further information is available in Participant Information )

For any queries or further information please do not hesitate to get in touch. The project is being led by:

Dr Shirin M. Rai, PhD (Cantab), FAcSS
Professor, Department of Politics and International Studies
Director, Warwick Interdisciplinary Research Centre for International Development

Our research assistant Ashley Mungai is also keen to help and support you and/or any of the participants in any way that she can via; or by WhatsApp +447377235057.