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Double Degree with American University

The Double Masters in Politics & International Service at Warwick and American University offers you the unique opportunity to study in two of the world's best politics departments on both sides of the Atlantic.

With world-leading experts on a wide variety of politics-related topics and students from over 40 countries, the Department of Politics and International Studies (PAIS) at Warwick consistently ranks at the top of the UK's league tables in politics. It prides itself on delivering excellent teaching that engages with contemporary issues, reflects the latest developments in theory and practice, and challenges you to think critically. The School of International Service (SIS) at American University likewise ranks among the top ten schools of international relations globally. More than 3,000 students representing 150 countries are taught by over 100 full-time faculty, and the School offers you over fifty concentrations in areas including Global Environmental Policy, International Economics and Social Enterprise.

Programme content

During year one in PAIS, you will follow any of our 11 core MA programmes, specialising in the area of your choice and customising your degree through selecting the modules you find most interesting. During year two in SIS, you will follow the Master of International Service. Your Double Degree will culminate in a capstone project where you will synthesise the knowledge and methodologies learned from both universities into one piece of unique research.

Specific benefits of doing a double degree include:

  • Dual perspective from different but complementary approaches to the study of politics
  • Huge range of topics to choose from
  • Strengthened academic versatility
  • Extensive practical experiences during and after your degree
  • Enhancing your outlook and adaptability as a global citizen

How to apply

If you are interested in pursuing the Double Masters in Politics & International Service, please submit your application through Warwick's online application system in the first instance. Before submitting your application, do read through our entry requirements page to see how to make the strongest application possible.

Once you submit your Warwick application, we will consider it in conjunction with AU, so you will not need to make a separate application to American University.

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The student experience

Adding an extra year at SIS to my year at Warwick complemented both my academic and personal experience. Academically, the more theoretical studies at Warwick provided me with a critical perspective which proved valuable for the more practice-oriented studies at SIS. In terms of personal experience, I enjoyed both the secluded campus life at Warwick and the myriad of political events and opportunities that Washington DC has to offer.
- Colin Brose, Double MA Politics and International Service