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Selection of some of the key readings from the reading lists for seminars:
  • Stern, D. Wittgenstein's critique of referential theories of meaning, Stern
  • Huemer 'Wittgenstein on training', Huemer
  • Cavell 'Excursus on Wittgenstein's vision of language', Cavell
  • S Kripke Wittgenstein on rules and private language, Kripke
  • Stroud 'Private objects, physical objects and ostension', Stroud
  • Pears Chapter 13, 'The private language argument of Philosophical Investigations', The False Prison, Pears, Chapter 13
  • Pears Chapter 14, 'The disabling defect of the private language', The False Prison, Pears, Chapter 14
  • Ginsborg 'Primitive Normativity', Journal of Philosophy 2011, Ginsborg
  • M Williams 'The significance of learning in Wittgenstein's philosophy,, Williams