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Undergraduate Frequently Asked Questions


I'm not used to university jargon, can you explain the basics?


Modules make up the structure of your degree. Each module is comprised of a weekly lecture and a weekly seminar. Some will be graded by exam, and others via coursework. A handful will be a mixture of the two. At the moment, you can choose four modules per year. In year one you will have two compulsory modules and two optionals to choose. In years two and three there will be one compulsory module, and you can choose three optionals per year.

Lectures and Seminars

Lectures are taught for each separate module and are usually two hours in duration. They are an opportunity for the module leader to deliver a detailed account of the material. Seminars take place after the lecture and are comprised of smaller groups (usually of around 20), allowing for student discussion and debate.

Undergraduates and Postgraduates

An undergraduate is a student studying for a Bachelors degree, such as a BA or BSc. Postgraduate study is any further higher education, such as a Masters degree or a PhD.

Dissertations and Theses

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