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Deleuze and The Fold Workshop Schedule

One-Day Workshop Organised by the Research Group in Post-Kantian European Philosophy

Department of Philosophy, University of Warwick, Monday 27th June 2005

Registration (Maths Building)

(Tea & Coffee)

10.00am – 12.00am

Chair: Siobhan McKeown

Matthew Hammond (Exeter) – ‘Splintered Desire – Tracing the Spinoza, Leibniz and Deleuze Threesome’ (word doc Abstract)

Timothy Flanagan (Dundee) – ‘Allegorical Aesthetics and the ‘Sensibility of Sufficient Reason’: Reading Deleuze’s Fold through Benjaminian Themes’ (word doc Abstract)

Birgit M. Kaiser (NYU/Viadrina University Frankfurt-Oder) – ‘The Two Floors of Thinking: The Aesthetics of Deleuze ’s The Fold’ (word doc Abstract)

12.00pm – 1.30pm


1.30pm – 3.30pm

Chair: Keith Ansell-Pearson

James Williams (Dundee) - The Fold and the 'Event' ( Abstract)

3.30pm – 4pm

Break (Tea and Coffee)

4pm – 6pm

Chair: Darren Ambrose

Siobhan McKeown (Warwick) – ‘Psychosis and Schizophrenia: Pushing Leibniz to the Limits’ (word doc Abstract)

Sjoerd van Tuinen (Ghent) – ‘On Architecture and Metaphysics in the Neo-Baroque’( Abstract)

Phillip Gillham (Sunderland) – ‘Relative Ways: Deleuze, Leibniz and the Art of Memory’ ( Abstract)

6pm – Drinks/Dinner