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Warwick Graduate Conference in the Philosophy of Mind


SATURDAY, November 26th
9.55-10.00am Welcome to MindGrad
10-11:30am Ciara Fairley (UCL): "Mental States As Justifiers"[abstract] [paper]
  Response: Dr. Johannes Roessler
12-1:30pm Declan Smithies (NYU): "Rationality & A Priori Knowledge"[abstract] [paper]
  Response: Dr. Stephen Butterfill
3-4:30pm Anil Gomes (Balliol,Oxford): "Characterising Disjunctivism"[abstract] [paper]
  Response: Dr. Hemdat Lerman
5-6:30 Professor Paul Boghossian (NYU): "Rule Following: What Is The Problem?"
7:30-9pm DINNER (in Royal Leamington Spa - see below for details)
10-11:30am Professor Quassim Cassam (UCL): "Knowledge Of Other Minds"
  Response: Jennifer Booth
12-13:30pm Ian Phillips (UCL): "Illusion & Content" [abstract] [paper]
  Response: Professor Bill Brewer
3-4:30pm Rory Madden (Wadham,Oxford): "Intentions & Personal Identity"[abstract] [paper]
  Response: Dr. Matthew Soteriou
5-6:30pm Daniel Rothschild (Princeton): "Structure, Knowledge & Ostension"[abstract] [paper]
  Response: Professor Naomi Eilan
6.30-6.35pm Closing MindGrad


The conference will be held in the mathematics building, room number MS003. The maths building is number 35 on this map


Conference Dinner

We will be dining in the Casa Valle restaurant on Regent Street West, Leamington Spa on Saturday at 7.30pm. Those wishing to attend will be advised to bring a 20 pounds in the form a cheque. The dinner promises to be an excellent occasion and we sincerely hope you will be able to join us.

Travel & Accommodation

Rail travel: We recommend travelling into Leamington Spa railway station and then taking a number 12 or a U1 bus to the University. These buses are frequent and cost approx. two pounds return. From Leamington station, cross the road and walk past the old pub on the corner. The bus stop is easy to see and anyone can direct you. The buses travel up the Parade which is Leamington's main high street, and then on to the University. It takes around 15 minutes and it is clear when you have arrived. Alternatively, there are equally frequent 12 buses from Coventry railway station. Remain in the station and take the outside steps by the carpark to the bus stop. They are every 15 minutes, and again cost around two pounds and will take you to the University in 15 minutes.

Road travel: If you are travelling by car, take the A46 to Coventry from the motorway. Do not turn off at Leamington Spa or Warwick - the University is actually located in Coventry. Follow signs for 'the arts centre' (our theatre/cinema) which is clearly signposted about 1/3 of a mile before the turn off. At the turn off, stay in the left hand lane which takes you left only. Keep following arts centre signs or University signs for the next 10 minutes and you will arrive.

Accommodation: We recommend staying in a B&B in Leamington Spa. The buses into the University are frequent, and the conference dinner will be in Leamington. It is also the most cost effective option. There are several reasonably priced B&B's which will be able to take your booking. A list of Hotels and B&Bs can be found at this site: Bear in mind the walking distance to the Parade where most of the easy to find bus stops are located.

Jennifer Booth

On behalf of the organising committee

Warwick Graduate Conference in the Philosophy of Mind
Department of Philosophy
University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL