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Warwick Graduate Conference in the Philosophy of Mind

Transcendental Arguments in the Philosophy of Mind

Mathilde Jakobsen (UCL)


In this paper I defend the use of transcendental arguments within the philosophy of mind. I argue that we can use transcendental arguments to establish certain necessary features and capacities of the mind, given that it is the mind of a certain kind of experience. This means that as well as formulating belief-directed transcendental arguments, we can also formulate truth-directed transcendental arguments as long as they are directed at certain features of the mind. I present an argument for the unity of consciousness to illustrate this form of transcendental argument. I argue that this is a truth-directed transcendental argument which is not subject to Stroud's objection to the use of such arguments outside of an idealist framework.


Download the Paper

Download all papers from the first Warwick conference here (PDF document) [792kb].