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NPAPC 2006 Speakers


Philipp Barth

University of Cambridge

Radical Scepticism And Envatted Brains: What Putnam Proves (withdrawn)

Timothy Chan

University of Oxford

Belief, Assertion and Moore’s Paradox

Alexandre Erler

University of East Anglia

Coherence And Rationality

Michael Fenton

University of Warwick

Knowledge Of Contextualism In Context

Julian Fink

University of Oxford

What Is Practical Reasoning?

Helen Frowe

University of Reading

Defending The Moral Distinction Between Killing And Letting Die

Anil Gomes

University of Oxford

Conceptual 'How Possible' Questions

Brian Hill

University of Paris, France

The (Topo)Logic Of Vagueness (withdrawn)

Marie Lundstedt

Umea University, Sweden

Why Reasons Need Not Be Conceptual

Phil Meadows

Durham University

The Geometry Of Visual Experience And Direct Realism

Charlie Pelling

Reading/North Carolina

Against Williamson's Anti-Luminosity Argument

Ian Phillips

UCL/University of Oxford

Context And Perceptual Content

Mauro Rossi


Two Platitudes For Interpersonal Comparison