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Conference: Themes from the Work of Mark Eli Kalderon

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Location: Room MB0.07 (Maths Building)

Saturday July 2 

 9.30am Welcome 

 10am–11.30am On the Homeric Roots of Intentionality’, Mark Kalderon (UCL) 

 11.30am–12noon Coffee 

 12noon–1.30pm Partiality and perception’, Giulia Martina (Turin) 

 1.30pm–2.30pm Lunch 

 2.30pm–4pm ‘Aristotle on having reason strictly speaking’, Elena Cagnoli Fiecconi  (UCL) 

 4pm–4.30pm Coffee 

 4.30pm–6pm Title TBC, Charles Travis (Porto) 

 Sunday July 3 

 9.30am Welcome 

 10am–11.30am Kalderon’s Puzzle Solved’, Vivian Mizrahi (Geneva) 

 11.30–12noon Coffee 

 12noon–1.30pm Title TBC, Thomas Crowther (Warwick) 

 1.30pm–2.30pm Lunch 

 2.30pm–4pm Title TBC, M. G. F. Martin (Oxford/Berkeley) 

The work of Mark Eli Kalderon

Mark Eli Kalderon is professor of philosophy at UCL and former editor of the Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society. While his most recent research has been focused on the metaphysics of sense and sensibilia, it draws upon – and has implications for – a breadth of philosophical approaches and topics, not least due to, for example, Prof Kalderon’s own interest in ancient and scholastic theories of perception. His books include Sympathy in Perception, Form without Matter: Empedocles and Aristotle on Color Perception, and Moral Fictionalism.​

In Prof Kalderon’s Sympathy in Perception, insights from ancient, phenomenological, analytic, and empirical sources are woven together into a rich and ambitious elaboration and defence of a naïve realist theory of perception. Kalderon develops the view by revisiting and transforming explanatory concepts from the pre-modern era, aiming to ‘contribute to, if not indeed effect, a Kuhnian revolution’ in philosophy of perception.


We intend to hold the conference in-person at the University of Warwick, but places are limited. If you would like to attend, we ask that you email the organisers – Guy Longworth and Jack Shardlow – at to register, simply using ‘Kalderon attendance’ as the subject of the email. Since there are limited places, we will be operating on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis, so please do register your interest right away.



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