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Resonate Meeting for Postgraduates

- and every week until Fri, 07 Dec '18
Location: S0.52

What is Resonate?

Resonate is a weekly meeting for students where they can feel safe and comfortable sharing whatever hardships, stress and mental health matters that are troubling them. The group is strictly confidential and is open to Philosophy students.

What happens at Resonate?

At Resonate, students are encouraged to talk, listen and share with one another. The idea behind Resonate is that subjects which relate to mental health and well-being are difficult to talk about, yet they sometimes need to be aired for people to express themselves and for others to listen and connect with what those around them are going through, and so we want to make that possible for postgraduate students at the University of Warwick.

Is Resonate a professional service?

No. Resonate is set up by students for students. We currently have no budget, so we cannot employ individuals to provide professional mental health guidance. What Resonate offers is a space in which students can feel comfortable in sharing whatever it is that they’re going through at that time. We will, of course, provide as much help as is possible in the form of literature from local charities and contacts for charities such as Samaritans.

Who can attend Resonate?

Any postgraduate students studying within the Department of Philosophy at the University of Warwick are welcome to attend.

Where and when does Resonate meet?

Resonate meets in S0.52 every Tuesday at 4pm

Do I need to book ahead of time?

Don’t worry about letting us know that you want to attend, just turn up at the start of the group’s session.

Who will know that I am attending Resonate?

We will not be sharing any information about your attending Resonate with any members of staff or any student bodies - it is to be run confidentially. In certain circumstances, such as if there is a danger to yourself or others, appropriate authorities may need to be contacted. Otherwise, if you want to share that you attend, then that’s fine (of course, you must not disclose the attendance or contributions of others).

Who can I send questions to?

You can send questions to me, Shaun, at I will do my best to respond as soon as possible.

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