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Friday, May 22, 2020

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Seminar by Zoom: 'The Unity of Knowledge' with Professor Katalin Farkas (CEU)
By Zoom

This is to announce that the seminar with Katalin Farkas (CEU) which was originally scheduled for April 16th has been **rescheduled** as a Zoom meeting.

Title: 'The Unity of Knowledge'

Speaker: Professor Katalin Farkas (CEU)

"English uses the same word, “know”, for knowing things, knowing that something is the case, and knowing how to do things. Many other languages distinguish among two or three of these types. Is the English word simply polysemous, or is there an insight here - is there a conception of knowledge that covers all three cases? One option has been to claim that the first and the third are in fact reducible to the second: all knowledge is knowledge of truth, and this gives knowledge a unity. This talks surveys alternative proposals for a unified conception of knowledge. On these proposals, objectual or practical knowledge is not reducible to factual knowledge, yet there is a broader conception of knowledge that covers both, or all three. For example, Linda Zagzebski claims that knowledge is cognitive contact with reality that arises from the exercise of an intellectual virtue. The contact can be direct contact with an object, or mediated contact with a fact through the awareness of a proposition. Other ideas about finding a common essence for objectual, factual and practical knowledge will be considered."
Format: Professor Farkas will give a talk, followed by a short break and then a Q&A. No previous reading is required. Please contact Lucy Campbell if you would like to register to join this event.

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Truth and Truthfulness Webinar: Chapter 4: Truth, Assertion and Belief
By Zoom

Text: 'Truth and Truthfulness' by Bernard Williams (2002)

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