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Warwick-Monash Workshop in Post-Kantian Aesthetics and the Work of Art

The Centre for Research in Philosophy, Literature and the Arts, University of Warwick in collaboration with the School of English, Communications and Performance Studies, Monash University would like to bring the following workshop to your attention.

The workshop will be held in the Seminar Room, Institute for Advanced Study, Milburn House, University of Warwick on Friday 18 February 2011.

This workshop is part of an informal research network in post-Kantian aesthetics and the first of several planned workshops in Warwick and Monash. Attendance is free and open to all faculty and graduate students, but we ask that you register your interest in attending with Diarmuid Costello:

Programme for the day:

10 am Coffee

10.30-11.20: Paper 1
From Here to Eternity: Baudelaire, Benjamin and the Dialectics of Modernity
Prof. Paul Smith, Art History, University of Warwick

11.20-11.30: 10 min break

11.30-12.20: Paper 2
Kant and the Problem of Non-Perceptual Art
Dr. Diarmuid Costello, Philosophy, University of Warwick

12.20-12.40: 20 min break

12.40-1.30 Paper 3
Equality in the Romantic Art Form: The Hegelian Background to Rancière's Analysis of Romanticism
Dr. Alison Ross, Comparative Literature/Critical Theory, Monash University

1.30-2.30: Lunch

2.30-3.20 paper 4
On the Image of Painting
Prof. Andrew Benjamin, European Philosophy/Aesthetics, Monash University

3.20-3.30: 10 min break

3.30-4.20 paper 5
Vision beyond Perception: Towards an Aesthetics of the Hypersensible
Prof. Miguel de Beistegui, Philosophy, University of Warwick

4.20-4.40 20 min break

4.40-5.30: Paper 6
Eric Fischl’s Tumbling Woman and the Negative Sublime
Dr. Karen Lang, Art History, UCS and Leverhulme Professor, Warwick