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Thursday, December 10, 2020

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MAP Cinema Club
MS Teams

The Film Club will be discussing the short documentary 30% (Women and Politics in Sierra Leone) and exploring the themes of gender and social collaboration. To be added to the dedicated mailing list and MS Team group and receive further information, please send an email to Sailee (organiser) via

Knowledge and Belief Seminar
By Zoom

Guest Speaker: Guy Longworth (Warwick)

Title: 'Unsettling Questions'

Abstract: "Should we expect someone who knows by seeing to be in a position positively to settle the questions “How do you know?” “Why do you think so?” or “Are you sure?"? I begin to address that large question by defending the following claims. We should not expect someone who knows by seeing that p to be in a position to know how they know that p (§2). However, we should expect someone who knows by seeing that p to have sufficient reasons for thinking that p, but—in light of the first claim—we should not expect their seeing what they do to figure amongst their reasons. A further issue that will figure in the background to the discussion here concerns how, if at all, sensory awareness of things can furnish one with reasons for thinking things so (§3). Despite the fact that one who knows by seeing need not know how they know and need not have amongst their reasons that they see what they do, still their seeing what they do can play an important role in establishing surety (§4)."

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