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Examining Hegel Conference Series


This year's conference is Examining Hegel’s Idea of Self-Determination: From Actuality to Concept, and is set to take place at the University of Warwick on 6-8th of June 2019. Please find a current list of speakers and titles.



Richard Dien Winfield (Georgia): Overcoming Actuality: How Hegel Frees Us From The Prison of Modality

Friedrike Schick (Tübingen): Absolute Necessity: Some Considerations about its Concept and its Rationale in Hegel’s “Logic of Essence”

Claudia Wirsing (Braunschweig): Hegel’s Theory of Reciprocity

Susanne Herrmann-Sinai (Oxford): Thought and Action: The philosophical context of a philosophy of action

David Merrill (Independent): Rethinking Capital: An Interview with Richard Dien Winfield

Michela Bordignon (UFABC): Hegel’s Criticism of Substance and Process Philosophy

Jonas Heller (Frankfurt): Substantial Actuality and the Equivalence of the Form

Georg Oswald (Bonn): Thinking Towards A Speculative Theory: Outset and Completion of the Concept in Hegel’s Begriffslogik

Dino Jakušić (Warwick): Hegel’s Ontological Argument

Ryan Haecker (Cambridge): Hegel’s Speculative Syllogism: A Contribution to the Theology of Logic

Søren Rosendal (Independent): Proof by Logical Self-determination, Examined in the Transition from ‘Relative Necessity’ to ‘Absolute Necessity’ of Hegel’s Logic

Mert Can Yirmibes (Warwick): Actuality, Possibility and Reflection in Hegel’s Treatment of Modality

Ryan Froese (DePaul): Absolute and Blind: Hegel on Necessity and Contingency

Edmund Smith (Warwick): On the Judgments

Anne Clausen (Göttingen): The Necessity of Contingency

Eliza Little (Chicago): Necessity as the Power of Substance in Hegel’s Logic of Essence

Ahilleas Rokni (Warwick): How Being and Essence manifest in the pure Concept

Filip Niklas (Warwick): Being, Shine and the Universal: Sphere-defining Determinations


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We thank our generous sponsors, without which this event would not have been possible.

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This conference was organized by Filip Niklas, Edmund Smith, Ahilleas Rokni and Mert Can Yirmibes.

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