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Hegel's Logic Conference 2013

A conference will be held at the University of Warwick on

Hegel’s Science of Logic.

The conference will take place on 2 – 3 May, 2013 and is funded by The Leverhulme Trust.

The speakers will be:

Charlotte Baumann (UCL): “Hegel’s Logic as a Theory of Freedom”.
Michela Bordignon (Padua): “Hegel: a Dialetheist? Truth and Contradiction in Hegel’s Logic”.
Alfredo Ferrarin (Pisa): “Spontaneity and Reification. Hegel on Thinking”.
Dietmar Heidemann (Luxembourg): “Essence and Appearance”.
Anton Friedrich Koch (Heidelberg): “Hegel on the Logical Big Bang and the Evolution of Logical Space”.
Richard Lambert (Warwick): “The Necessity of Contingency and the Contingency of Necessity”.
Christian Martin (Munich): “Hegel on Judgement”.
Johannes-Georg Schülein (Bochum): “Hegel’s Logic and the Language of Representation”.
Graham Wetherall (Warwick): “The Objectivity of Schein in Hegel's Science of Logic”.
Claudia Wirsing (Jena): “The Importance of Difference in Hegel’s Doctrine of Essence”.

Anyone who is interested in attending should register with Graham Wetherall (G dot J dot Wetherall at warwick dot ac dot uk).
There is no charge for registration, but it would be helpful to the organisers if you could notify us if you plan to attend.