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Hegel's Logic and Metaphysics

The conference will take place on 1 – 2 May, 2014 and is funded by The Leverhulme Trust.

The speakers will be:
  • Karin de Boer (Leuven): “Hegel’s Concept of Identity in light of Wolff, Baumgarten and Kant”
  • Paul Giladi (Sheffield): “Hegel without Metaphysics? Surely you can’t be serious”
  • Susanne Herrmann-Sinai (Leipzig / Oxford): “The Concept’s Syllogism and our Action”
  • Elisa Magri (SNS Pisa): “Is Hegel’s Metaphysics a Philosophy of Embodiment?”
  • Daniel Menchaca (Heidelberg): “Negation and Scepticism: their Relationship to each other and to Finitude”
  • Sebastian Stein (Heidelberg): “Dynamic identity: What problem is Hegel’s Concept trying to solve?”
  • Robert Stern (Sheffield): “On the Logic of Goodness: Understanding Hegel’s Perfectionism through his Logic”
  • Lucia Ziglioli (Pavia): “‘The science of things grasped in thoughts’. Hegel’s Transformation of Metaphysics”

See the detailed conference programme here.

Anyone who is interested in attending should register with Richard Lambert ( There is no charge for registration, but it would be helpful to the organisers if you could notify us if you plan to attend. Please let us know as well, if you would like to attend the conference dinners on the evenings of Thursday, May 1st and Friday, May 2nd. The charge is £27.25 per person, per evening, for a 3 course evening meal (drinks not included).