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Departmental Colloquia

Colloquia take place at 16.00-18.00 unless otherwise indicated. They are followed by drinks and then dinner for those interested.

Year 2015-16
Oct 14th 2015 Speaker: Ken Gemes (Birkbeck) Title: Nietzsche and the Crisis of Modernity
Oct 28th 2015

Speaker: Felix Pinkert (Warwick) Title: Justifying unpopular climate policies: The argument from moral error & moral expertise

Nov 11th 2015

Speaker: Alisa Mandrigin (Warwick) Title: 'Being a Woman in Philosophy'

Speaker: Alisa Mandrigin (Warwick) Title: “Multimodality and Bodily Awareness”

Dec 2nd 2015 Speaker: Kimberley Brownlee (Warwick) Title: “Striking out for the sake of our Attacker”
Feb 3rd 2016 Speaker: Sarah Fine (KCL) Title: “Political Philosophy and Autobiography”.
Feb 24th 2016 Speaker:Tom Stern (UCL), Title: Nietzsche and Affirmation
Mar 2nd 2016

Speaker: Sacha Golob (KCL). Title: Reframing the Ontological Difference: contra Heidegger.

Mar 16th 2016 Speakers: Stephen Houlgate & Matthew Soteriou (Warwick), Title Hegel, McDowell and Perception
Jun 22nd 2016

Speaker: Paul Katsafanas (Boston University) Title: “Nietzsche on Sacred Values”.

Year 2014-15
Oct 8th 2014
Speaker: Tom Sorell (Warwick) 'The Priority of Private Morality: a Dogma’.
Oct 15th 2014
Speaker: Lawrence Hamilton (Witwatersrand/Cambridge) '‘Freedom as Power through Representation’.
Nov 19th 2014
Speaker: Clare Carlisle (KCL) '‘Spinoza on Religion’.
Dec 3rd 2014
Speaker: Susan James (Birkbeck) '‘Spinoza on Rights as Powers’
Jan 14th 2015
Speaker: Matthew Ratcliffe (Durham). Title: 'What is Thought Insertion?'
Jan 28th 2015
Speaker: Christopher Hamilton (KCL) ‘Nietzsche’s Religious Melancholy’.
Feb 11th 2015
Speaker: Ken Gemes (Birkbeck) Title: “Nietzsche and the Crisis of Modernity” *POSTPONED*
Feb 25th 2015
Speaker: Stacie Friend (Birkbeck) Title: 'The Fiction in Scientific Fictionalism'
Mar 11th 2015
Speaker: Fiona Hughes (Essex) Title: 'Reversibility and chiasm: false equivalents? An alternative approach to understanding
difference in Merleau-Ponty’s late philosophy'
Apr 29th 2015
Speaker: Keith Ansell-Pearson & Quassim Cassam Title: 'Self-Knowledge and Self-Cultivation'
Autumn Term 2008-9
Oct. 1 2008 Mark Eli Kalderon ( UCL)
Oct. 15 2008 Matthew Kiernan (Leeds)
Oct. 22 2008 Alex Millar (Birmingham) “Kripke’s Wittgenstein: Old and New”
Nov. 5 2008 Keith Allen (York)
Nov. 12 2008 David Liggins (Manchester)
Nov. 26 2008 Jason McKenzie (LSE)
Dec. 3 2008 Peter Goldie (Manchester)

Spring Term 2008-09
Jan. 7 2009 Chris Peacocke (Columbia)
Jan. 21 2009 Mark Textor (KCL)
Jan. 28 2009 Adrian Haddock (Stirling)
Feb. 11 2009 Bob Sugden (LSE)
Feb 18 2009 Ian Rumfitt (Birkbeck)
Mar 4 2009 Oliver Pooley (Oxford)
Mar 11 2009 Sarah Patterson (Birkbeck)
Summer Term 2008-09
Apr. 22 2009 Susan James (Birkbeck)
Apr. 29 2009
Lambert Wiesing (Jena)
May 6 2009 Lydia Goer (Columbia)
May 13 2009 Tom Crowther (Heythrop)
May 27 2009 Peter Kail (Oxford)
Jun. 3 2009 Maria Alvarez (Southampton)
Jun 17 2009 Alex Voorhoeve (LSE)
Jun 24 2009

Maja Spener (Oxford)

Past Colloquia

Autumn Term 2007-8

Oct. 10, 2007: Rowland Stout (University College, Dublin)

Oct. 24, 2007: Gabriel Uzquiano (Oxford)

Nov. 7, 2007: Charles Travis (King's College)

Nov. 21, 2007: John Hawthorne (Oxford)

Nov. 28, 2007: John Protevi (Louisiana State)

Spring Term 2007-8

Jan 16, 2008: Ian Rumfitt (Birkbeck) (Cancelled)

Jan. 30, 2008: John Divers (Sheffield)

Feb. 13, 2008: Tim Bayne (St Catherine's, Oxford)

Feb. 27, 2008: Cheshire Calhoun (Arizona State)

March 12, 2008: Tom Baldwin (York)

Summer Term 2007-8

April 23, 2008: Milos Arsenijevic & Sandra Scepanovic

April 30, 2008: Bob Hale (Sheffield) "The Problem of Mathematics"

May 7, 2008: Richard Dietz (St Andrews)

May 14, 2008: Scott Sturgeon (Wadham) (Cancelled)

May 28, 2008: Anton Friedrich Koch (Tuebingen)

Spring Term 2006-7
17 Jan Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra (University of Nottingham)
'The Subtraction of Argument'
31 Jan Scott Sturgeon (Birkbeck)
14 Feb Chris Hookway (Sheffield)
28 Feb Lucy O'Brien (UCL)
Autumn Term 2006
11 Oct Matt Nudds (University of Edinburgh)
'Auditory Perception'
25 Oct Rory Madden (Oxford)
'Brain Transplants, Externalism and Concreteness'
8 Nov Bill Child (Oxford)
'Does the Tractatus Contain a Private Language Argument?'
22 Nov Mike Otsuka (UCL)
'Personal Identity and the Siginificance of Becoming
Spring Term 2006
11 Jan Paul Davies (University of Sussex)
'Without Paraphrase: Metaphors and Poems'
25 Jan Alan Millar (Stirling)
'Recognitional Abilities and Perceptual Knowledge'
8 Feb Adrian Moore (Oxford)
'Williams, Nietzsche, and the Meaninglessness of Immortality'
15 Feb Jagdish Hattiangadi (York, Toronto)
'Fallibilism, Context and Liberal Democracy'
22 Feb Jennifer Hornsby (Birkbeck)
8 Mar Dom Lopes (University of British Columbia)
'True Appreciation'
Autumn Term 2005
5 Oct Tom Stoneham (York)
'Quod video existit: Berkeley and Collier on Existence and Perception'
12 Oct Paul Smith (History of Art, University of Warwick)
19 Oct Andy Clark (University of Edinburgh)
'A Cure for the Cognitive Hiccups'
16 Nov Mark Sacks (University of Essex)
23 Nov Tim Williamson
30 Nov Miranda Fricker (Birkbeck)
'The Virtue of Testimonial Justice - Intellectual or Ethical?'
Summer Term 2005
11 May Paul Snowdon (UCL)
"The 'What-it-is-Likeness' of Experience"
Spring Term 2005
12 Jan Mike Martin (UCL)
'In Praise of Self: Hume's Love of Fame'
26 Jan Alex Bird (Bristol)
'Justified Judging'
9 Feb Nick Shea (Oxford)
'The Which? approach to theories of content: consumers need information' (abstract)
16 Feb Angie Hobbs (Warwick)
'Plato on War'
special time: 3.00-5.00 pm
special venue:H0.60
23 Feb Bob Stern (Sheffield)
'Hegel and Deleuze on the Problem of Individuality'
Autumn Term 2004
20 Oct David Charles (Oxford)
'On Emotion'
27 Oct John Broome (Oxford)
'Reasoning' (read abstract)
10 Nov Quassim Cassam (UCL)
'The Possibility of Knowledge' (read abstract)
24 Nov Michael Luntley (Warwick)