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Philosophy Reading Groups

Metaethics Reading Group

This new Reading Group is an informal reading group in metaethics. Many of us are interested in the field, but could do a better job of talking with one another. In addition, Kirk Surgener and Emily Bassett are interested in developing an upper level course in metaethics designed to complement the existing provision. This Reading Group will hopefully get input from Undergraduate students as well as PGs and staff, so that students can meaningfully contribute to the design of the course, following the model of the philosophy of race reading group that Eileen John co-ordinated. The format is quite relaxed - we will meet every other week to discuss a paper which we will all have read ahead of time.  

Everyone is very welcome, especially Undergraduate students. We would like UGs to contribute to the selection and presentation of the papers for the second term, so the more who come the better. We’d also be happy to accept sessions led by multiple students.

 If anyone has follow up questions, or wishes to talk through an idea for a session, please get in touch with Emily ( or Kirk (


The Moral and Political Philosophy Reading Group

This group will focus on reading key Moral and Political philosophical texts. This year we are reading Hegel's Philosophy of Right published in 1821. This work has been described by Stephen Houlgate as 'one of the greatest works of social and political philosophy ever written.' The book traces the true realization of freedom and free will via Hegel's immanent process of dialectics. Arguably, this book is still pertinent and relevant for our times: not only does it acknowledge that freedom can be enhanced by economic opportunities, but, moreover, it recognizes that unregulated capitalism is a cause of alienation, inequality and poverty.

Everybody welcome!

Time and location: Wednesdays, 6pm-7.30pm

Contact: Andrew Paull to receive further information and get the link to participate.


Borges, Fiction, and Philosophy Reading Group

The short stories of Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986) are masterworks of philosophical fiction and so his work has an enduring significance for readers and writers of all kinds since. In this reading group, we will discuss several of these short stories over the second half of term 2 and in term 3. All are welcome. Reading fiction and philosophy can feel like a labyrinth and with Borges as a guide we will, I hope, not get too lost.

The group is planned to be held online on MS teams every Wednesday at 2pm until 3pm. The first session will run in week 5, in which we will discuss the short stories The Aleph and The Zahir. Both can be found in the short story collection that is also titled The Aleph. There are several collections of Borges stories available and acquiring any should be helpful for the reading group. I’ll be reading the English translations in the Penguin modern classics editions, but having any editions should be fine. If you need help finding texts, please email me. No prior familiarity with Borges is required, and all students and staff, in philosophy or otherwise, are welcome.

Time and location: Wednesdays, 2pm-3pm on MS Teams

Contact: for further information and a link to participate.

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