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Quassim Cassam's Publications


Self and World (Oxford University Press 1997; paperback 1999).

The Possibility of Knowledge (Oxford University Press 2007; paperback 2009)

Berkeley's Puzzle, with John Campbell (Oxford University Press 2014)

Self-Knowledge for Humans (Oxford University Press 2014)

Edited volumes

Self-Knowledge (Oxford University Press 1994)


(i) On Kant and transcendental arguments:

  • Transcendental Arguments, Transcendental Synthesis and Transcendental Idealism', Philosophical Quarterly, 37 (1987)
  • 'Kant and Reductionism', Review of Metaphysics, 43 (1989)
  • 'Inner Sense, Body Sense, and Kant's "Refutation of Idealism"', European Journal of Philosophy, 1 (1993)
  • La unidad transcendental de la apercepción' in Laura Benítez and José Robles (eds.) El problema de la relación mente-cuerpo (UNAM 1993)
  • Mind, Knowledge, and Reality: Themes from Kant', in Anthony O'Hear (ed.) Current Issues in Philosophy of Mind (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 1998)
  • 'Self-Directed Transcendental Arguments', in Robert Stern (ed.) Transcendental Arguments: Problems and Prospects (Clarendon Press 1999)
  • Can Transcendental Epistemology be Naturalized?', in Philosophy 78 (2003)

(ii) On knowledge and perception:

(iii) On the self, self-knowledge and the first person:

  • 'Kant and Reductionism', Review of Metaphysics , 43 (1989)
  • 'Reductionism and First-Person Thinking', in David Charles and Kathleen Lennon (eds.) Reductionism, Explanation, and Realism. (Oxford: Clarendon Press 1992)
  • 'Self-Knowledge', in Q. Cassam (ed.) Self-Knowledge (Oxford: Oxford University Press 1994)
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  • 'Self-Reference, Self-Knowledge and the Problem of Misconception', European Journal of Philosophy 4 (1996)
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  • 'Representing Bodies', Ratio 15 (2002), reprinted in M. Proudfoot (ed.) The Philosophy of Body (Oxford: Blackwell 2002)
  • 'Introspection, Perception, and Epistemic Privilege', The Monist 87 (2004)
  • 'How We Know What We Think' in Revue de Métaphysique et de Morale, 2010, special issue on the self edited by B. Longuenesse
  • 'Judging, Believing and Thinking', Philosophical Issues , 20 (2010)
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  • 'Epistemic Self-Audit and Warranted Reasons', Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 85 (2012)
  • 'What Asymmetry? Knowledge of Self, Knowledge of Others, and the Inferentialist Challenge', Synthese 2015
  • 'Evans on Self-Knowledge' (forthcoming)

(iv) Vice epistemology

  • 'Stealthy Vices', Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective 10 (2015).
  • 'Vice Epistemology', The Monist (forthcoming)

(v) On personal identity:

  • 'Parfit on Persons',Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society 93 (1993).

(vi) On a priori knowledge and a priori concepts:

  • 'Rationalism, Empiricism and the A Priori', in C.Peacocke and P. Boghossian (eds.) New Essays on the A Priori (Oxford: Oxford University Press 2000)
  • 'A Priori Concepts', in Hans-Johann Glock (ed.) Strawson and Kant (Oxford: Oxford University Press).

(vii) On necessity and essentialism:

  • 'Science and Essence', Philosophy 61 (1986)
  • 'Necessity and Externality', Mind 95 (1986)

(viii) On realism and anti-realism:

  • 'Realism, Meaning and Truth', Philosophical Books 30 (1989)
  • 'La Philosophie britannique contemporaine', in R. Klibansky and D. Pears (eds.) La philosophie en Europe (Paris: Gallimard 1995)

(ix) On Descartes:

(x) On Berkeley:

  • 'Tackling Berkeley's Puzzle', in N. Eilan, H. Lerman and J. Roessler (eds.) Understanding Perception, Causation and Objectivity (Oxford: Oxford University Press 2011).