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Maria G Corrado

PhD Candidate in Philosophy, funded by CADRE. Previously, MA in Philosophy of Psychology at King’s College London (Distinction) and BA in Philosophy at Cardiff University (First Class Honours).


My research is at the interface between questions to do with the nature of perception and knowledge of the world, with a special focus on auditory perceptual experience. My PhD thesis defends notions of objectivity and of materiality that pertain the auditory domain.

(STA) Teaching:

PH374 Classics of Analytic Philosophy (term 2, 2020)

PH133 Logic (term 3, 2020)

PH136 Logic (term 2, 2019)

PH142 Central Themes in Philosophy (term 1, 2018)

Warwick Organiser of the London-Warwick Mind Forum, 18/19 – present;

WMA Research Assistant, 18/19 – present.