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Abstracts of Contributed Papers

Herzl Baruch Popper on A Priori Knowledge
Eduardo Bermúdez Barrera From The Self and Its Brain to the Brain and Its Self (from K. Popper to R. Llinás)
Galina Bityukova Conjecturing and Refuting the Interpretations of Karl Popper's Political Philosophy

Hubert Cambier

Popper, Rawls, and Human Rights

David Dahmen & René J. Campis C. Popper's Solution to the Problem of Induction, Hypothetical Realism, and Technology
Edoardo Datteri, Hykel Hosni, & Guglielmo Tamburrini Machine Learning from Examples: A Non-Inductivist Analysis
Joseph Davidow The Science and Mythology of Psychology: What Popper Can Contribute to Psychological Science

Jüri Eintalu

The Burden of Proof, the Paradox of the Ravens, and the Severity of Tests
B.C. Elliott Karl Popper and Religious Knowledge. The Value of Applying Critical Rationalism to Theological Problems.
Miriam Rodrig-Farhi Growing Problems with Neo-Classical Economic Theory. Towards A Critical Economic Theory
Victor K. Finn K.R. Popper and Logical Tools for Knowledge Discovery in Life Sciences and Sociology
R. E. Giffin The Military Inductivist Complex: Critical Rationalism versus Inductivism in Contemporary Military Theory
A. Gómez Mejía Critical Rationalism in Technology [presented in absentia]
Lee Heley Popper, Institutional Logic, and the Secret Life of Neighbourhoods
Byron Kaldis Lessons in the History of European Philosophy: Popper and the Presocratics
P. Knepper Situational Logic in Social Science Inquiry: from Economics to Criminology
Heidi König "Discovering Neptune" — Critical Rationalism and Educational Practice
D. Lakhuti Popper and Kant on Open Society
Michael Locke Trust — A Popperian Approach and a Social Experiment
C. Lütge Popper's Ethics — Moralizing or Not?
Lorenzo Magnani Knowledge as a Duty: A New Philosophical Responsibility
Guillaume Rochefort-Maranda A Reply to Grünbaum's Challenge to Popperian Falsificationism
José Francisco Martínez-Solano Popper and Hayek on Prediction in the Social Sciences
Lakhdar Medbouh Popper's Philosophy: Promises to Third World Problems
Columba Mgbokwere Karl Popper's Piecemeal Social Engineering, or Technology: the Truth, the Fiction
Hanns-Peter Neumann Knowledge between Science, Historicism, and Ideology. The Problem of the Historiography of the History of Philosophy
J. Oyigo Rethinking Africa's Politics of Transition in Popperian Terms
Z. Parusnikova Popper and Postmodernism: Similar Targets, Different Solutions
F. Petersdorff Limits of Historiography: Aiming at Truthfulness when Interpreting the Past
D. P. Rowbottom A Problem for Popper: Corroboration and the Logical Interpretation of Probability
J. Shearmur Popper's Emory Lectures on Social and Political Philosophy: What They Add, and What Problems They Pose for Our Understanding of Popper's Political Philosophy
Renan Springer de Freitas Whoever Could Get Rid of the Context of Discovery/Context of Justification Dichotomy?
Geoffrey Stokes Popper and Habermas: A Reappraisal
Joanna Swann & Tyrrell Burgess

The Usefulness of Karl Popper's Selectionist Theory of Learning for Educational Practice

Roman Tuziak & Tomasz Skura Popper, Refutability, and Paraconsistency
Ursula A. Vavrik Applying Popperian Thoughts to Today's Political Environment. A Plea for More Intellectual and Political Responsibility to Achieve Sustainable Development
John Wettersten A Rationalist Ethic for Today: Popper's Theory of Rationality combined with Russell's Moral Practice
Kei Yoshida Problems with Interpretivism: Problems, Aims, and Methods in the Philosophy of the Social Sciences
Vladimir Zeman On the Connection between Philosophy and the Socio-Political Order — causa Popper

Invited Papers & Symposia

Abstracts of contributed papers will be added to this page when their authors register for the conference.

The deadline for early registration is August 1st 2004.

Invited Papers & Symposia