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Latest News

  • September 14th: It is announced on the University home page, and in more detail at a subsidiary page that the current roadworks on the approach to the University from Coventry will be completed only on Friday evening (one week after originally planned). The closure of the westerly end of Gibbet Hill Road will seriously increase the difficulty in travelling between Coventry and the campus on both Thursday and Friday. In particular, the published No 12 bus timetable bears little relation to the actual times at which buses appear.
  • Participants are urged to allow themselves ample time to complete the inward & outward journeys.

  • On Thurday and Friday evenings and on Friday and Saturday mornings a hired bus will be able to ferry about 50 participants from Coventry to the University campus and back again. Details of pick-up and set-down points will be provided at Registration. Those who will be driving to & from the campus each morning or evening could do us all a great service if they could make empty seats in their cars available to others who wish to travel.

  • September 5th: The fourth announcement has been sent to all registered participants.
  • September 5th: The full details of the conference programme have been posted in the Programme section.

Note that a few small adjustments have been made to the provisional version.

  • September 5th: Some suggestions have been added to the Restaurants section.

  • September 2nd: The submission deadline for 2004 competition for the Sir Karl Popper Essay Prize has been extended to November 1st.

  • September 1st: The final conference timetable is now available in .pdf format in the Programme section.
  • September 1st: All tickets for the conference dinner on September 17th have been sold. A waiting list has been opened, in case there are some late cancellations.
  • September 1st: Routledge invites all registered participants to a reception, to be held in the University Bookshop from 1845 to 1945 on Thursday September 16th.

  • August 11th: Meera Nanda's abstract is now available.
  • August 11th: The provisional conference timetable is available in .pdf format in the Programme section.
  • August 11th: A conference dinner is being planned for Friday September 17th. All those who have registered have been informed.

  • July 26th: Meera Nanda's title is: Tolerance as a Source of Ignorance in India: How Postmodernism Aids the Hindu Orthodoxy.

  • July 6th: We regret to announce that Csaba Pléh, one of the invited speakers, will not be able to participate in the conference.
  • July 6th: Meera Nanda, author of Prophets Facing Backward (Rutgers University Press, 2003) has accepted an invitation to give a lecture. The title will be announced shortly.