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Publications and Experience

Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant -- Seminars for PH248-Aesthetics: Art, Beauty, and the Sublime (2013)

Teaching Assistant -- Seminars for PH358-Feminism (2014)

Teaching Assistant -- Seminars for PH140-Introduction to Ancient Philosophy (2015)

Guest Lecturer -- One session of PH140 (4 February 2015) on Plato's Forms (the Line, the Cave, and arguments for and against the existence of Forms)


"Resurrecting the Death-Drive" -- October 2013, Warwick Graduate Seminar

"King Kong vs. The Übermensch: an Aesthetic Bifurcation" -- 5 March 2015, Warwick Graduate Seminar


"Frank Chouraqui: Eternity by the Stars (Translation of Blanqui's L'Éternité par les Astres)" (REVIEW)

published in PLI, The Warwick Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 25 (2014)