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Aesthetics After Photography - 2010 Conference Programme

Agency and Automatism: Photography as Art since the 1960s

Tate Modern, London 10-12 June 2010


Thursday 10 June


18.30-20.00 (followed by wine reception)

Welcome by Margaret Iversen and Diarmuid Costello (Co-Directors of AHRC ‘Aesthetics after Photography’ Research Project)
Keynote Address: Jeff Wall, Artist.
Chaired by Diarmuid Costello (Philosophy, University of Warwick).
Wine reception

Friday 11 June

Welcome: Margaret Iversen, AHRC ‘Aesthetics after Photography’ Project Director.

10.30-12.30 Session 1:

Chaired by Dr Dawn Phillips (AHRC ‘Aesthetics after Photography’ Project Research Fellow, Philosophy, University of Warwick).
Professor Carol Armstrong (Art History, Yale University)
Dr David Davies (Philosophy, McGill University)

12.30-13.30 lunch (own arrangements)


13.30-15.30 Session 2:

Chaired by Dr David Campany (Reader in Photography, University of Westminster)
Professor Briony Fer (Art History, UCL)
Professor Robin Kelsey (History of Art, Harvard University)

15.30 - 16.00 tea & coffee (provided)


16.00-18.00 Session 3:

Chaired by Dr Jason Gaiger (Art History, Open University)
Professor Cynthia Freeland (Chair of Philosophy, University of Houston)
Dr. Anna Dezeuze (Postdoctoral fellow, Smithsonian Institute)

Saturday 12 June

Welcome: Diarmuid Costello, AHRC ‘Aesthetics after Photography’ Project Co-Director

10.30-12.30 Session 4:

Chaired by Dr Simon Baker (Curator of Photography, Tate Modern)
Dr Susan Laxton (History of Art, UC Riverside)
Professor Margaret Iversen (Art History and Theory, University of Essex)

12.30-13.30 lunch (own arrangements)


13.30-15.30 Session 5:

Chaired by Dr Wolfgang Brückle (AHRC ‘Aesthetics after Photography’ Research Fellow, Art History, University of Essex)
Dr Sherri Irvin (Philosophy, University of Oklahoma)
Dr Nigel Warburton (Philosophy, Open University)

15.30 - 16.00 tea & coffee (provided)


16.00-18.00 Session 6:

Chaired by Professor Margaret Iversen (Art History, University of Essex).
Dr Diarmuid Costello (Philosophy, University of Warwick

18.00 Conference Ends