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Aesthetics after Photography - ASA Panel - 6 November 2008

The American Society of Aesthetics 2008 Annual Meeting will feature a panel on Photography as a Medium (post-digitalisation) organised by Diarmuid Costello

ASA Conference dates: November 5th- 8th 2008

ASA Conference location: Northampton, Massachussetts (USA)

For details of how to register see the American Society for Aesthetics Homepage


A full programme of panels is available from the ASA webpage

'New Media: Digital Photography' Panel date: Thursday 6th November 2008

'New Media: Digital Photography' Panel time: 9am - 12pm

'New Media: Digital Photography' Panel venue: The Northampton Room


This panel will explore questions about what is today one of the most pervasive mediums for art.

Scott Walden will address the implications of digitalisation for warranted beliefs based on photographs as opposed to hand-made pictures, by exploring a number of scenarios that might result from increasing familiarisation with digital processes;

Barbara Savedoff will survey a number of recent recuperations of antiquarian photographic processes as a means of retrieving photography’s documentary value in the teeth of digitalisation;

Joel Snyder will consider whether specific technical differences between digital and analogue photography make a difference for photographic aesthetics, and if so what kind of difference this is;

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