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Elizabeth Brake (Philosophy, ASU) is an expert on parental rights, marriage, and social goods as objects of distributive justice;

Kimberley Brownlee (Philosophy, University of Warwick) is an expert in moral, political, and legal philosophy; she is pioneering an account of the ethics of sociability, children’s social claims, and social rights;

Stephanie Collins (Politics, University of Manchester) is an expert on collective duties, duties of friendship, group agency, social rights, and care ethics.

Anca Gheaus (Philosophy, Pompeu Fabra) is an expert on children’s and parents' rights, care, and justice.

Luc Goossens (Psychology, KU Leuven) is a leading expert on adolescent loneliness, with an interest in gene-environment interactions.

Rebecca Nowland (Psychology, University of Manchester) is an expert on biases related to childhood loneliness, online behaviour of lonely people, and the impact of loneliness on the transition from primary to secondary school.

Pamela Qualter (Psychology, University of Manchester) is the UK’s leading expert on the psychology of childhood and adolescent loneliness.

Keming Yang (Sociology, University of Durham) is an expert on the effects of social relations on mental wellbeing, including loneliness, anxiety, and depression.

Tim Thornton (Medical School, UCLAN) specialises in philosophy of psychiatry and has expertise on concepts of disorder including emotional dysregulation and understanding psychopathology.