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Consciousness and Self Consciousness

Consciousness and Self-Consciousness

A Book Series
published by Oxford University Press

This series presents the fruits of the Joint Philosophy and Psychology Research Project on Consciousness and Self Consciousness, whose aim it is to advance understanding of the nature of consciousness and self-consciousness by integrating philosophical work with experimental and theoretical work in developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, and neuropsychology.

Volume 1:
Time and Memory: Issues in Philosophy and Psychology.
Edited by Christoph Hoerl and Teresa McCormack.
Oxford University Press, 2001.

Volume 2:
Agency and Self-Awareness: Issues in Philosophy and Psychology.
Edited by Johannes Roessler and Naomi Eilan.
Oxford University Press, 2003.

Volume 3:
Joint Attention, Communication and Other Minds: Issues in Philosophy and Psychology.
Edited by Naomi Eilan, Christoph Hoerl, Teresa McCormack and Johannes Roessler.
Oxford University Press, forthcoming.