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Programme of Events 2019-20

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Post-Kantian Research Seminar: Foucault at Warwick

Location: Room S0.11

Foucault at Warwick

In a text published in Critique in 1970, Michel Foucault wrote that "one day the century will be Deleuzian". Deleuze, on the other hand, said that the century was already "Foucauldian". Indeed, during his lifetime and after his death in 1984, Foucault's work has not ceased to have an extraordinary impact in philosophy, as well as a remarkable influence on a wide range of disciplines: sociology, history, politics and political sciences, history, geography, among others. What makes his work so relevant to so many and such varied disciplines? What are the possible uses of Foucault's boîte à outils in the different disciplines? The first edition of 'Foucault at Warwick' will explore these questions. Bringing together researchers from different Departments at the University of Warwick, the event proposes a discussion on the relevance of Foucault's thought for their own work and disciplines.

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