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Research Publication Series


The Research Publication Series is intended as a medium for the circulation of distinguished individual and collective research taking place in conjunction with the Centre for Research in Philosophy and Literature. Although the series is out of print, copies can be obtained from the Centre. Please contact Heather Jones for further details.

  • Mapping Woman
    Papers by Diane Beddoes, Catherine Constable, Kath Renark Jones and Rachel Jones
    with an introduction by Margaret Whitford
  • Poetizing the Political: Novalis and Hölderlin
    Papers by Helen Chapman, William McNeill and Anthony Phelan
    (of the German Romanticism Group)
  • Heidegger: Visions of Animals, Others and the Divine
    Will McNeill
  • Heidegger's Three Gods
    Richard Kearney
    with a response by Martin Warner