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Maria Corrado (PhD Candidate)
Auditory Perception; Philosophy of Mind.

Joseph Cunningham
Epistemology; Metaethics; Philosophy of Mind.

Alfonso Anaya Ruiz Esparza (PhD Candidate)
Philosophy of Mind; Epistemology; Philosophy of Perception.

Alexander Green (PhD Candidate - Psychology)
Philosophy of Mind; Philosophy of Psychology; Kant.

Andrea Giananti (Post-Doc, Fribourg)
Andrea is visiting the philosophy department during the spring and summer terms, 2018; he works on perceptual knowledge and self-knowledge

Vivian Joseph
Philosophy of Perception; Philsophy of Mind; Psycopathology

Tristan Kreetz (PhD Candidate)
Philosophy of Mind; Metaphysics.

Giulia Luvisotto (PhD Candidate)
Philosophy of Mind; Self-knowledge

Giulia Martina (PhD Candidate)
Philosophy of Perception; Philosophy of Mind.

Henry Powell (PhD Candidate)
Philosophy of Cognitive Science; Philosophy of Psychology; Philosophy of Mind.

Irina Schumski (PhD)
Kant's Practical Philosophy; Metaethics; Normative Ethics.

Jack Shardlow (PhD Candidate)
Temporal Consciousness; Philosophy of Mind; Philosophy of Psychology; Metaphysics.

Daniel Vanello (PhD)
Philosophy of Mind; Emotion and Value.

Simon Wimmer (PhD Candidate)
Philosophy of Mind and Action; Epistemology.

If you are a philosophy graduate student at the University of Warwick and would like to be listed among the graduate members of the Research Centre, simply email Jack Shardlow: j.shardlow[@]